Obviously, our middle-grade novel Mia’s Gift can be easily adapted into a feature-length animated film. In addition, the book could inspire at least two TV shows, targeting different age groups. As with Mia’s Gift, education will be an important component.

The first TV show, in which Mia and Clark are the same age as in Mia’s Gift (eight and ten), we see as an animated ½ hour show, targeting 6-8 year olds. We’re calling it Mia’s Gift. We’ve written the bible, 13 episode synopses and the concepts for an additional 40 shows.

The second show is an animated ½ hour children’s show, which we’re calling Manatee Manor. This show targets a younger audience, ages 2-5, a la Sesame Street. Along with many characters from the novel Mia's Gift, additional characters include Wendy the Story Lady (who keeps losing her words at the worst possible times), Chef Louis (king of zee incredible inedible entre), and Mr. Blink (a giant porthole who enables the kids to see into other worlds).

We’ve written two episodes of Manatee Manor. The pilot is “We've Got Guests." The second episode is "Haunted Toothpaste." Both are available to be read upon request. Be sure to tell us something about yourself when sending your request.