Empty and Alone...

Mia didn't expect third grade would be so tough. But it isn't her classes; it's everything else. With her mom gone and her father focusing on his manatee research, Mia feels empty and alone...

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Mia's Awards

Runner-Up -- Children's Books
2009 Hollywood Book Festival

Silver Medal -- Best First Book
2009 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards

Honorable Mention -- Children's Books
2009 New York Book Festival

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Our Mission

Our goal is to create, develop and market highly imaginative, family-oriented entertainment. We want to demonstrate (without preaching) to children that there’s a safe place in the world where morality, ethics, responsibility and fun exist.

We feel our stories must entertain before they can educate. In all cases, they are gender neutral and non-violent. We view our audience as being multi-tiered, and write stories for different age levels. Our characters appear throughout each tier, aging as their target audience ages.

Our hope is that as the Muzzles-the-Manatee universe evolves, our readers will learn about writing by entering our contests, where the rules will teach story structure, and by providing articles, which will require a bit of research, for our Help Our Manatees newsletter.

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As our project evolves, we're always open to comments and creative efforts from our readers, suggestions from parents and teachers, and proposals from possible vendors. We'd love to hear from you.